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Micronations are typically defined as entities which resemble or purport to be sovereign states, but are not. They have been a recurrent phenomenon in most western-style liberal democracies since the early 19th century.

Some are established as a vehicle for political protest or in response to perceived abuses at the hands of governments or their organs; others take the form of elaborate, self-contained performance-art projects, and yet others explore utopian themes or serve role-playing functions of varying degrees of sophistication. Most are the creation of a single eccentric individual, family or group.

PoliNation: 3rd International Conference on Micronations is an academic conference focusing on this intriguing, pervasive, diverse, creative and quite possibly revolutionary global socio-political phenomenon.

PoliNation will bring together academics from various disciplines, graduate students, authors, film-makers, media representatives, members of the general public and micronation leaders from around the world, for two days of intensive, entertaining knowledge exchange within the borders of one of Italy's largest  micronations - a creation of popular actor, film-maker and social commentator Jacopo Fo.

Among the many putative premiers, presidents, princes, kings, emperors and their entourages converging on Perugia for this unique event will be those of the Empire of Atlantium, the Royal Republic of Ladonia and the Republic of Rose Island.

The conference programme will include academic papers, general-interest and specialist presentations, film screenings, Q&A sessions - and of course the opportunity for delegates to rub shoulders with a host of alternative world leaders.



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